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What Types of Poker Tables are There

You may play poker practically anywhere, but if you want to advance your home poker setup, you'll need the right tools and a practical playing surface. A poker table is the obvious option, but is it practical? Of course, not everyone has the room or resources to purchase a poker table fit for a casino. But there are many additional choices available. This is our overview of poker tables.


After deciding you want a poker table, you must choose what kind to purchase. The poker tables that are currently on the market provide a lot of choice, not just in terms of price and quality. There are several possibilities between the sturdy permanent professional poker table and the fragile rollable poker mat for tables.

Professional Poker Tables

A casino-style, custom-made professional poker table is the logical solution when neither space nor cost are constraints. They typically have an oval or kidney form and are roughly 2.5 m long, 1.2 m broad, and 0.75 m high. Simply an oval with a hole cut out for a dealer station, the kidney form.

There is occasionally a second "racetrack" border immediately inside the rail, a padded armrest that surrounds the playing area's perimeter. Also popular for that Vegas shimmer are LED trimmings!

At the top end, the playing surface will be made of high-quality, stain- and spill-resistant speed fabric, and the legs will be constructed of hardwood. To track everyone's hole cards for transmission, RFID-capable tables are also available. And some include

Foldable Poker Tables

Collapsible poker tables are an excellent solution for people who don't have enough space for a permanent poker table. Although the thought of collapsible tables might make you think of your grandma's old-fashioned square card table with folding legs, there are high-quality foldable poker tables that look the part and can be conveniently stored. There are folding tables that fold up the entire table top as well as the legs occasionally.

Lightweight Poker Tables

Poker tables that collapse is not all created equally. The tables at the top can be folded away, although they are otherwise fairly identical to the permanent poker table. Folding tables that are lightweight but unstable are available at the other end of the spectrum. Not the best for large-scale games with lots of players!

Inexpensive foldable tables sometimes sag after about a year of use and don't survive very long. You get what you pay for hence, be careful when buying an apparent bargain. Of again, if all you want is a lightweight, portable table, then this might be the solution.


There are numerous sizes and shapes of poker tables. The oval table (and its kidney-shaped form with the dealer station) is the conventional shape, but you will also encounter round and octagonal tables.

The number of players it must accommodate determines the size of poker table you need. The more space you have to move around in when playing poker, but not so much that you can't communicate or deal with one another! Practically, each individual will require about 60 cm.

Oval poker tables have four sides: two long edges and two short ends. As a rough guideline, you can divide the length of an oval poker table by 25 to get the maximum number of players it can accommodate. 
The typical casino poker table is around 250 cm long, with room for nine to 10 players as well as a dealer.

Consider the width as well because you need enough area for your legs as well as space for the chips, community cards, and hole cards. For instance, the typical casino table is 120 cm wide.


You'll need top-notch equipment if you want to get the most out of the game of poker. Before buying a poker table, make sure the space allotted is measured precisely. Because these tables have chairs, make sure to carefully take measurements to guarantee the comfort of the players.

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